Aqua safety showers win scottish water framework

Aqua Safety Showers has been awarded a contract to supply emergency safety equipment to Scottish Water. The 5-year deal will see hundreds of industrial safety showers and eye wash stations installed in sites across Scotland.

Scottish Water is the fourth largest water authority in the UK, operating 237 water treatment works and 1837 wastewater treatment works. The publicly owned company serves 2.6 million households and over 150,000 business premises.

This contract further strengthens Aqua’s foothold in the UK water industry, who were also named as South West Water’s nominated supplier of safety showers last year.

“We have developed a strong understanding of what the water authorities need,” said Janet Waine, Managing Director of Aqua Safety Showers. “Water and wastewater plants are often located in remote locations without access to a mains water supply; our tank-fed showers offer the perfect solution to keep sites compliant with vital safety standards.”

Various chemicals used in the water treatment process can be extremely hazardous to workers’ health. ANSI Z358.1 (the international standard for emergency eyewash and shower equipment) states that all units must be located within 15 meters of any potential hazard. In addition, showers should deliver tepid water (16-38°C or 61-100°F) to prevent thermal shock. Learn more about the ANSI standard here.

Aqua Safety Showers was formed in 2017 by an experienced team drawn from engineering and management backgrounds. The manufacturing company from Greater Manchester has since built a strong presence in the UK, with a distribution network spanning the globe.

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