Confirming industrial hearing protection leadership

Swedish-based Sordin ramps up already strong focus on the global professional hearing protector market

Sordin has a long tradition in workplace health and safety. With product families like Classic and left/RIGHT, Sordin is a renowned brand in professional hearing protection.

Confirming Industrial Hearing Protection Leadership

In recent years, the company has confirmed its international leadership with two groundbreaking new electronic hearing protector lines – Sordin Sharp and Sordin Share – built on the same self-developed design platform, offering extremely high robustness and comfortable use.

“Both carry on Sordin’s legendary sound quality, allowing users to clearly hear harmless surrounding sound, while being safety protected against damaging noise,”

said Christian Nilsson marketing director at Sordin.

Sordin Sharp: Supporting Bluetooth Multipoint, it allows users to explore the connectivity of not one, but two simultaneously connected cellphones, easily toggling between them, e.g. for communicating within parallel work teams.

Sordin Share: With a built-in, proprietary communication solution, it delivers secure, uninterrupted intercom for mobile work teams of up to 15 users – without the need for external network technology such as a base station.

“We’re expecting continued interest in Sordin Sharp and Sordin Share as more companies realize their performance – not only for improving H&S, but for increased productivity too,” concluded Christian Nilsson.