Best anchoring devices for different kinds of sheet metals

There is a perfect anchoring device for every type of sheet metal; do you know which one is right for securing your roof?
Let’s check out the best anchoring solutions depending on the type of roof.

Sheet metal corrugated sandwich panel

Sheet metal - corrugated sandwich panel, for the most common type of roofing sheet in the world, SHIELD and SHIELD2 are the perfect solutions. They adapt to most of the spacing of the ribs, and despite being fixed with rivets, they guarantee waterproofing thanks to the gaskets included.

Load-bearing Corrugated Sheet

Load-bearing corrugated sheet - normally covered by a layer of insulation, it requires anchors and supports with an optimal exit from the final layer. TRAPO combined with TOWER XL, allows you to install lifelines on this substrate, with supports spaced up to 15m, limiting the work subsequent waterproofing.

Round Seam Sheet

Round seam sheet - SEAMO clamps are perfect for fixing on the round seam, without the need for drilling. SEAMO can be adapted to all sheet seaming distances between 305 and 500 mm.

Sheet KR-18

Sheet KR-18 - the protagonist of Central American roofs has stimulated the development of a product dedicated to it. SIANK65 is one of the very few systems that can be fixed to this type of sheet metal without cutting or drilling it.

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