Why hi-vis is important in construction?

If you’re a business owner or manage a team in some way, you probably want to ensure you’re doing your best to keep them protected while they work. This includes ensuring your workforce is dressed appropriately for their role.

Why Hi-Vis is Important In Construction?

So, when it comes to the construction industry, how important is it to have high-visibility workwear for your team?

For information and advice on high-visibility clothing in the construction industry, read through our guide from Cobra Workwear today. Here we have answered your most frequently asked questions on the topic of hi-vis clothing in construction, including listing the top five reasons it is so important.

Once you’re ready to start cultivating your team’s hi-vis workwear uniform, don’t hesitate to explore our selection available. You can also find workwear packages and a hi-vis clothing sale to help you get started.

Do Construction Workers Need Hi-Vis Workwear?

Of course, protecting construction workers on the job is crucial to maintaining employee safety. But did you know that it’s your legal responsibility as an employer to give appropriate equipment for each task to your workforce?

Any construction work requires personal protective equipment (PPE), and that often includes high-visibility clothing. High visibility, or hi-vis clothing, is reflective and brightly coloured clothing that workers wear to ensure they’re easy to spot on the job. So, why is this so important for the construction industry?

Why Hi-Vis is Important In Construction?

5 Reasons Hi-Vis Workwear is Important

If you’re not already aware of why high-visibility clothing is essential for the construction industry, then we are here to help. We have put together our top five reasons why hi-vis clothing is important for construction workers so you get a better understanding of why you need to invest in your team.


High-visibility clothing is a lifesaver when worn to complete roadwork. It is most frequently worn to alert road users and other equipment operators of where workers are located. Hi-vis PPE is essential in dangerous conditions, such as near roadways, dark settings, and areas where workers might be surrounded by trees, traffic barriers, or bulky construction equipment.

Reflective workwear will return any light from headlights, so road traffic accidents are much less likely.


If your team works in the dark, either overnight or during early mornings, then hi-vis workwear is a must. Colourful and fluorescent hi-vis jackets and vests are made with unique pigments, which are brighter than typical colours. These pigments reflect invisible ultraviolet light from the sun and any artificial light sources as a bright, visible beam. Fluorescent colours make the most of any existing light in the atmosphere, and so they can be seen in low light conditions like the evening. They also provide a strong contrast against most backgrounds during the nighttime, whether natural or artificial.


Some people may avoid utilising hi-vis workwear as they may be under the impression that it can be distracting in daylight. However, reflective strips, tape, or other elements made from materials can only reflect light to where it comes from. While this means that reflective materials are the most effective in darkness, they don’t provide much contrast in daylight conditions. Most hi-vis clothing includes a combination of both components, such as a fluorescent-coloured vest with reflective strips or both fluorescent and reflective materials.


Wearing hi-vis clothing prevents workplace accidents and injuries by ensuring that anyone in the area will see your workers. This is particularly important for gas and electric utility and transportation workers, such as highway, railway, and airport workers. Construction workers, surveyors, first responders, sanitation workers, and warehouse workers also benefit from increased visibility.


The key to maximising hi-vis safety features is to choose high-visibility clothing that will provide the most contrast between your worker’s body and their surroundings. Make sure that the hi-vis clothing you select won’t blend into your work environment in any way, and continues to set your team apart so that they may be easily spotted in any setting or environment.

What Hi-Vis Colour Should I Choose?

Now you understand the importance of hi-vis clothing in the construction industry, you may have more questions about how to utilise this workwear for your team best. Many people wonder what the best hi-vis clothing colour for their team is and if there is a difference between the colour.

The most common high-visibility clothing colours are yellow, green and orange, although there are more. We believe that high-visibility clothing works best when it has the most significant contrast to your workers’ environment. For example, if you have a lot of orange equipment at your job site, choosing fluorescent lime will be better. It will offer more contrast to the other elements that your workers will be adjacent to.

Finding High-Visibility Clothing for your Team

If you’re ready to get shopping for hi-vis workwear for your team, then why not browse our collection at Cobra Workwear? We have a wide variety of options to choose from, with garments to suit every aspect of the construction industry. Plus, you can add your logo to your chosen hi-vis clothing using our expert screen printing service.

If you have any further questions or want to know more about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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