Kask introduces new primero series helmets advanced protection made easy

KASK, the premium designer and manufacturer of head protection announced the introduction of the Primero series of safety helmets. The new Primero series is the result of 20 years of KASK helmet design and manufacturing innovations. This history enabled KASK to develop a new helmet that optimized key components, making manufacturing more efficient, while maintaining the comfort and safety that has become the brand’s calling card. Primero was developed to provide advanced head protection that was easy to use for a wide variety of wearers in a wide variety of applications. To aid in this goal, Primero series helmets are ready-made to accept a range of KASK safety accessories – including many of those that are currently used with the Zenith X series helmets. Primero safety helmets will be available in vented shell and in a variety of colors – including the popular Hi-Viz Fluo options.

“When developing Primero, we wanted to make it easy for people to get into KASK,” stated Marta Beltramello, Director Sales and Marketing for KASK Safety.

“This could be people who are new to head protection, like those who do not wear a helmet every day, or it could be someone who is looking for an upgrade in comfort and performance.”

KASK has chosen to launch the Primero, compliant with European Safety Stands (EN 397, EN 50365 and EN 12492), in occasion of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28th, to highlight the United Nations awareness-raising campaign that focuses on creating a safety and health culture

“The really great thing about Primero is that it utilizes many KASK safety and comfort technologies that have been proven in real world applications for years,”

continued Marta Beltramello. “For example the external shell and internal shell system has proven to provide exceptional safety, while the moisture wicking fabric and new fit system technologies have delivered all day comfort to workers in many demanding applications.”

The Primero will be officially unveiled at the Health & Safety Show in Birmingham April 25-27 (Booth 3/H21), and at Preventica in Paris May 23-25 (Booth R35-R37).


The new Primero series is the results of the holistic KASK commitment to safety, comfort and design. Safety is ensured thanks to a High Density Polypropylene external shell that decreases the helmet weight while increasing its protective abilities – great impact resistance and high penetration protection. The High Density Expanded Polystyrene inner shell guarantees all-around high impact energy absorption and improved comfort.

Exceptional wearer comfort is provided by an inner padding made of a quick-drying fabric with moisturewicking technology that accelerates the dispersion of sweat to the surface of the helmet padding for keeping workers cool and dry. It can be easily removed or replaced via a patented Click-In system.

Moreover, Primero is designed with internal channels for enhanced breathability and with 14 air intakes shaped to prevent debris entry. In addition, the Ergo Fit System allows for an easy and secure fit by turning the large diameter dial. The system moves up and down to adapt to a range of head shapes and the ergonomically shaped wings cradle the back of the neck for a secure fit. An advanced chinstrap with 5 adjustment points ensures a personalized fit and accommodates wider head sizes and adapts to earmuff use.

As with all KASK helmets, the Primero features a number of additional design elements that enhance the wearer experience. It is designed with integrated slots for easy mounting of KASK eye, face and hearing protection accessories and with front attachment point for advanced customization and easy integration of
accessories such as badge holders and headlamps.

The Primero series is compliant with the European safety standards for industrial helmets EN 397, EN 50365 and standard for mountaineers helmets EN 12492.

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