Ramadan diaries

Published: 12/06/2015

The start of Ramadan 2015 is now mere days away. With anticipation of a hot summer growing, staying safe while fasting becomes a priority. This holy month hsme online is promoting the importance of staying safe and well during Ramadan, and we’d love to share your experiences. Skipping even one meal is enough to make the Joe average a venomous mix of hungry and angry. The feat of fasting for the duration of daylight hours in temperature extremes and while having to go to work, therefore, is for most an unenviable task to say the least. In addition to support from friends and loved ones, this holy month hsme is providing a platform to share your experiences and help support others working in industry. Keep checking in on hsme online this month to read accounts from other people in your industry observing Ramadan, such as Ahmed El Hadidi, chair of the UAE branch of IOSH, sharing his advice on staying healthy during the holy month . We’d love to hear your Ramadan stories. Submissions should be between 150 and 700 words and along with high resolution pictures can be sent to Kimberley@bay-publishing.com Published: 12-06-15