Nitriumx – fusion nitrile hand protection

Durable, grease, oil and liquid resistant coatings in variable advanced Nitrile derivatives and bi-polymers offering excellent levels of abrasion protection on 15g and 18g seamless Nylodex comfort shells.

Textured surfaces provide enhanced grip, especially in wet and oily environments. UHAR (Ultra High-Abrasion Resistant) versions are available in selected styles offering extended longevity & durability.

We’re just about to release our all new ‘CORECatalog’ featuring our most popular and innovative safety gloves and hand protection. As a safety buyer/professional, you might be interested in receiving your own personal advance copy featuring NITRIUMX and many more hand protection products and solutions for OEM and Private Label.

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We can definitely collaborate with you on customising any of the styles and ranges to seamlessly fit within your portfolio ( with your brand/ logo/ colour etc.) so you can offer your customers an exceptional range of gloves that promotes comfortable, innovative, and fit for function hand protection.

If you would like to receive a copy of the new ‘COREcatalog’ – please message us with your contact details or email your request to We have limited samples available in our Shanghai sales office of most featured products, so contact us ASAP to secure yours.

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