Enhesa acquires toxplanet

Adds world’s largest database of chemical hazard and toxicology literature to global regulatory and sustainability intelligence platform

Enhesa, the leading provider of global regulatory and sustainability intelligence, today announced the acquisition of ToxPlanet, the leading source of chemical safety data and decision support solutions to help businesses manage the impact of chemicals on people, the workplace, and the environment. The acquisition furthers Enhesa’s commitment to empowering businesses to create a more sustainable future by adding the world’s largest database of chemical hazard and toxicology literature to its existing operations compliance, sustainable chemistry, and product compliance content sets.

Enhesa Acquires ToxPlanet

The acquisition builds on Enhesa’s 2020 acquisition of Chemical Watch, the leading global provider of independent intelligence and insights for product safety professionals managing chemicals, and its 2021 acquisition of Scivera, the leader in sustainable chemistry, equipping businesses with the software and insight they need to take a proactive approach to safe product development. Together, these combined capabilities have helped Enhesa carve out a unique position in the marketplace as the only company of its kind to provide a truly comprehensive, 360° view of global operations, product and chemicals management compliance and sustainability.

“Last year alone, there were 6,370 new regulatory developments related to chemical management,” said Peter Schramme, CEO at Enhesa. “As government authorities and regulatory bodies around the world continue to push environmental safety and product sustainability to the top of their administrative agendas, companies of every type have been scrambling to keep pace with a global patchwork of new compliance challenges. I am pleased to welcome ToxPlanet to the Enhesa family, as they support our mission to empower businesses to create a more sustainable future. By delivering a global view on compliance and sustainability based on a standard taxonomy and the most comprehensive content sets available anywhere, we’re making it possible to manage those challenges with confidence.”

Like Enhesa, ToxPlanet delivers a truly global solution, addressing the chemical hazard and toxicology information needs of clients in a wide range of industry verticals, including manufacturing, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals.

ToxPlanet Founder and CEO, Matt Timberlake, who will join Enhesa said: “The pace and scale of change in the sustainable chemistry space is staggering and businesses are facing huge learning curves when it comes to not only reporting, but also accurately identifying the potentially hazardous chemicals in their products and broader supply chains. By aligning ourselves with Enhesa, we are making it possible for multinational corporations to address the full spectrum of operational and strategic decisions they need to make as they confront this historic challenge.”

For more information about Enhesa’s global regulatory and sustainability intelligence solutions, please visit www.enhesa.company

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