Osecoelfab launches innovative biopharmaceutical pressure relief solution

Pure-Gard is a welded rupture disc assembly that meets the stringent demands of aseptic manufacturing environments and is installed separately to the gaskets.

OsecoElfab Launches Innovative Biopharmaceutical Pressure Relief Solution

In July 2019, we launched a new solution designed to meet the needs of the global pharmaceutical industry. Pure-Gard is a pressure relief device specifically for use in sanitary (hygienic) manufacturing environments including pharmaceutical and food. The product was designed and developed by OsecoElfab’s UK facility in North Shields.

The main applications for the CE certified and ASME UD stamped device are in biopharmaceutical facilities where cleanliness and compliance are critical; where they are producing medicines used to treat patients with disease such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and kidney disease.

Innovative design

The design team developed a one-piece assembly that protects the rupture disc, avoiding the risk of damage at the point of installation and giving structural stability.

Another feature which sets Pure-Gard apart from conventional sanitary pressure relief solutions and extends the product’s life is that the solution is independent of the gasket, allowing regular change of the gaskets when required. The concept of the reusable cartridge is further enhanced with the addition of the optional Vent-Tel burst-detection accessory. The ATEX/IECEx intrinsically safe device is reusable and once fitted it remains in permanent operation.

OsecoElfab Launches Innovative Biopharmaceutical Pressure Relief Solution

Pure-Gard meets all industry requirements for cleanability with a crevice- and dimple-free design. Each product undergoes a rigorous testing programme including 100% dye penetrant testing and 100% helium leak testing. Pure-Gard’s cleanability has been independently proven via a third-party riboflavin test, detailed in the Pure-Gard white paper on cleanability.

Solving customer challenges

Pure-Gard was developed as the result of listening to the market and understanding the challenges pharmaceutical companies face in the pursuit of maximising processing output and efficiency whilst maintaining a safe manufacturing environment.

Russell Trotter, Global VP Innovation, Engineering & NVD, commented: “Innovation is one of the key pillars of OsecoElfab’s success. The development and introduction of Pure-Gard demonstrates our agility, which has enabled the team to design a solution that addresses customer challenges with a novel, robust product.”

Pure-Gard is manufactured in OsecoElfab’s North Shields facility in the UK and is available for use worldwide.

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