New neom progress film showcases rapid development

The construction of NEOM is now well underway, with significant development achieved since the last progress film was shared with the world in January 2023.

New NEOM Progress Film Showcases Rapid Development

Now, the second progress film reveals rapid advancements in the destination’s key regions, bolstered by large-scale investments and supported by market-leading partners, and talent from more than 90 countries.

Major infrastructure completed

Footage reveals construction progress at THE LINE, Oxagon, Sindalah and Trojena – with major infrastructure projects such as roads, utilities and a hospital already built.

The video captures plans for the $2 billion development of the Port of NEOM, which is already underway, with the first new advanced container terminal set to complete in 2025, representing a significant upgrade to the terminal that is already operational. As well as the world’s largest green hydrogen plant, which will be operational in 2026 under the NEOM Green Hydrogen Company.

NEOM sets new standards

NEOM will offer the best international standards in relation to tax, the regulatory environment and commercial law. It will offer unparalleled connectivity and a strategic location at the crossroads of global trade. NEOM will redefine business, livability and conservation – creating a future where people and the planet can thrive together.

This video is the latest film in an ongoing series showing key milestones and progress in the development of NEOM. Sign up to our newsletter and follow NEOM on social media for further updates.

Watch the full film here

Watch the January progress film here

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