Fall protection on facades - how safety and aesthetics form a unit

Architectural design has evolved steadily over the years, increasingly focusing on functionality and visual attractiveness. Double facades, panellised facades, glass facades, green facades, facades with an integrated photovoltaic installation -these are just a few examples of what an exterior design of buildings can look like today.

Fall Protection on Facades - How Safety and Aesthetics Form a Unit

This evolution has gone hand in hand with technically advanced and innovative solutions that have prevailed in the field of safety solutions in recent years. For you as an architect, it is vital to preserve and stay true to the appearance of the facade. This task requires that the elements / the surface be treated to regular cleaning, care, and maintenance. The staff carrying out these activities work in the so-called fall-risk area.

A fall protection system is therefore crucial for ensuring safety and a supreme visual appearance. As a result, the focus during the planning stage of a building is placed primarily on one question: How can I ensure that the fall protection system fitted on the facade will not affect the overall appearance of the building or what is the best way to combine safety and aesthetics?

Good Planning and the Choice of the Right Fall Protection System are Key Elements to Success

With the right approach, it is possible to create attractive-looking facades that comply with the applicable safety regulations while leaving the aesthetics of the building untouched at the same time. This makes everyone involved feel good. The ideal fall protection system adapts to the conditions at hand. This means that it factors in the type of the facade and its specific features as well as such other requirements as building structure, access points, transitions, etc.

The topic of safety on the facade should be approached holistically. This means that the expertise of a professional for fall protection should be consulted as early as the planning stage. The consulted expert will then tailor the safety solution to the conditions at hand based on the submitted documents.

In the area of facades, there is no better option than the TAURUS rail system, as it has proven time and again in practice that it blends in perfectly with the structure of the building. The sturdy aluminium rail can be adapted to the facade. The fact that it can be anodised allows for colour harmonisation with the look of the facade. Moreover, the TAURUS rail system is also suitable for the rope access method. This makes it possible for the workers to place themselves at different points along the system while carrying out any facade cleaning/maintenance/and care work. Better still, the rail safety system can be attached to a wide variety of surfaces and offers maximum safety at minimum conspicuousness. In addition, the slender rail cross-section ensures that safety and aesthetics mesh together perfectly from a visual standpoint.

Would you like to know more about our TAURUS or other safety systems on facades? Or, do you need more information on this topic? Then make sure to check out our Guidelines for safe facades.

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