Dubai Municipality fakes a site emergency to kickstart its safety campaign

A huge site evacuation drill was carried out to draw attention to workplace safety and gaps in process under the Emirate’s new campaign to improve safety in the construction sector.

In brief:
  • Dubai Municipality has launched a series of awareness campaigns to safeguard and protect its construction workers
  • The research included more than 35,600 field surveillance visits on just under 15,000 construction sites during this year
  • It also involved engaging with all players, from engineers and consultants to contracting firms. 
In detail:

Dubai Municipality has launched a comprehensive safety campaign to protect construction sites across the Emirate. 

The new initiative will target contracting companies and consulting firms with the intention of enhancing compliance with safety standards to create a safer working environment at every construction site in Dubai.

It will also target all engineers, consultants, supervisors, and workers in a broad scope to achieve worker safety and protection and to foster healthy working environments. 

The objective of the campaign is to safeguard individuals working at construction sites, to reduce the number of accidents, dangers, and injuries, and improve adherence to safety regulations. 

To spread awareness of this initiative, the Municipality rolled out several focused campaigns to promote the concepts of structural safety and the significance of safeguarding safety and health of workers at construction sites.

The body also noted the use of several innovative means to prioritise and implement safety requirements, though did not detail what those would involve. 

Dubai Municipality stated it has adopted numerous measures to ensure and achieve the highest standards of safety, in accordance with the guidelines highlighted in the ‘Code of Construction Safety Practice’. 

Most notable among these is the implementation of more than 35,600 field surveillance visits on just under 15,000 construction sites during this year. This was part of the periodic tours conducted by the Municipality to monitor adherence to the standards. 

Why fake a disaster? 

An emergency evacuation was also carried out, to put the new guidance into practice and heighten the awareness campaign. 

The Municipality ran fake evacuation activities in the Wasl area to simulate a hypothetical situation that might occur on a construction site. During this process, workers were asked to evacuate the incident location and assemble in the designated evacuation areas of the construction site. 

The drill provided very valuable information on speed, efficiency and potential of official and internal authorities in swiftly responding to such occurrences.

In addition to conducting worker medical examinations, the authority also carried out a number of awareness seminars, lectures, and workshops under the ‘Safety Tent Activity’ in Jebel Ali and Muhaisnah, which was launched as part of the campaign activities. This was aimed at enhancing awareness among construction site workers about security and safety requirements.

Dubai Municipality’s efforts add to and build upon its work for developing a sustainable health system and the best public and professional safety standards as a means to safeguard and improve safety, particularly at construction sites. 

These efforts support the organisation’s ambitious objectives of creating a smart, sustainable, and cutting-edge construction sector in Dubai.

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