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New EU-OSHA survey reveals the top cancer risks in European workplaces

The extensive study saw EU-OSHA engaging more than 24,000 workers from six member states to build an accurate picture of the leading. Read more

Why emotional intelligence could be health and safety’s most underrated tool

An employee’s state of mind is directly connected to their likelihood of having an accident, according to a recent study into the oil. Read more

Abu Dhabi intensifies fire safety after 21,000 warnings are issued

The civil defence authority's campaign to wheedle out safety weakness revealed a widespread lack of compliance, which led to a. Read more

Asbestos exposure limits tightened to better protect workers in 'EU Green Deal' era

A new asbestos directive aims to implement safer working conditions in a wider series of changes being labelled as the EU Green Deal. Read more

The future of footwear standards

Developments for EN ISO 20344, 20345, 20346 and 20347